Behind closed doors – The movie


Behind closed doors


Every morning, mouhsine accompanies his wife to his work. But this morning is different for her. She found her friend SALOUA at the entrance who told him that the Director Albachir SI was transferred to the new schedule and replaced by a new director.

SAMIRA was surprised by the news because IF Albachir is loved by everyone in the company because of his kindness, dedication, and full respect for its employees.

Upon meeting, Murad, the new director has already begun to look on her. SAMIRA is very upset and tells her friend SALOUA which noted that all men are « like that ».


The daily work of employees through the Director. SAMIRA is obliged to see to receive their day’s activities as all others. He took the opportunity to begin to harass her whenever she is in his office for the purpose of service.

Harassment takes shape crescendo, and soon he asks to sleep with him frankly.

SAMIRA is horrified by this indecent proposal and so brutal. She explains her position as a married woman who loves her husband and daughter, and has no intention to access its desire.

First Pivot

SAMIRA speaks, first, the situation SALOUA her friend who is horrified by what she learns. The director continues its approaches in different ways. One day he even physically force her into his office. She insults and go upstairs to see the general manager who does not believe the evidence wanting. In fact, because of the family ties of the new director with a minister, he is protected by the Director General and the latter always gives reason against employees.

Before the stubborn refusal SAMIRA, the new director takes extreme measures to force him to accept his proposal. It begins by clearing all computer files of his work week. Then he refuses to give him the day’s activities as all employees.


It is a painful punishment SAMIRA is struggling to accept.


2nd Pivot

Producing no work because of the planned boycott of the director, she received a warning from the CEO.

This threat is a drop of water as it could lose his job. That’s when she warns her husband mouhsine situation. He reproached for not having warned him before, but she said she did not want this to happen to these extremes. Mouhsine is very disturbed by this news. He can not accept that manager harasses his wife by taking some very serious and touching his honor, and he wants to penalize more because of his refusal to comply.

Exceeded, and approach a bit excessive, he spies the director and his family, and just missed to commit a crime. It keeps time without anyone noticing. It then attempts to involve a mutual friend to him and the director who had the opportunity to know the bowls club, meeting place and relaxation of a class of frames. He realizes that it is useless since the director denies everything claiming that these stories are « the fruit of the imagination » SAMIRA, and he never undertook any business harassment against anyone.




The situation makes the couple’s life over the coals despite the mutual trust they have towards each other.

By stratagem risky mouhsine addresses his secretary to the bank with the objective of understanding the psychology of both his wife and his reaction, possible solutions suggested. It simulates a moment rightly harassment of his secretary. It is from there that he had the idea to go to the association for the defense of women’s rights. But this does not see evidence of problems that must be made and the legal vacuum in this area.

SAMIRA decides to use the wiles of women, and establishes a diabolical plan to gather evidence of the guilt of the director, in the absence of documents and witnesses can prove facts happening in secret, behind closed doors closed.


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