Note concerning Direction

Note concerning the Direction


With the aim of looking for a style that would allow me to make a film that would be positive, modern and would reflect a modern-day Morocco, as well as making a film that would provoke reflection, my goal is to produce a film that will be militant for the rights of Moroccan women.

This means filming in settings which represent contemporary Morocco with characters coming from everyday life, giving them a modern aspect to transmit my messages with mildness and realism.


The locations and characters will be selected in relation to the state of the scenes, through the presence of the image, aspects of modern life present in Casablanca and Morocco.


Ingres - « Madame d'Haussonville »

The actors will be chosen according to their passion for the subject of the film.


Beauty, spontaneity, liberty, cultural level and photogenic qualities will be considerations.


The pictorial influence will be present.


The protagonist will be positioned and enhanced in a 19th century neo-classical prospective, as is seen in the work of Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres’s “Madame d’Haussonville”.


Edouard Manet - « Chemin de fer »

She will also be filmed in a realistic way reminiscent of Edouard Manet’s “Chemin de Fer”.

The camera movements, particularly the angles, will be used effectively to produce the desired vision and to pace the narrative line with a fluid story rich in events.

Finally, in today’s context, it is not possible to make a film without taking into account the box-office.



That presupposes triggering the phenomenon of the spectator’s curiosity.


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