Retrospective Note

Retrospective Note

The problem developed by this film is universal because sexual harassment is not something specifically Moroccan. The question takes on another dimension as soon as one looks at the absence of legislation related to sexual harassment. And, quite quickly, the problem becomes very serious.


Knowing they cannot be punished, due to the lack of laws, someone who harasses continues to do so, passing from minor acts to those more consequential.


The film treats both aspects: the harassment itself and the victim’s unfruitful attempts to defend herself.

The development of the film is ordered by precise timing, all of which have meaning. Harassment is especially a question of time — time particularly painful for those who are enduring it. Every time the harasser steps into the workplace become a terrible ordeal. This would explain otherwise inconceivable acts, such as abandoning one’s job or deep depressions.

As the legislation isn’t reactive, this is a veritable appeal for reparation in this domain. No hesitation should be permitted when one part of society harasses another. The part being harassed is, of course, the weaker of the two. It must be protected by a set of laws that would allow no perpetrator to escape persecution.

It is urgent that this legislation be initiated and implemented rapidly.

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