Treatment and Director’s Note

Treatment and Director’s Note

Behind Closed Doors

The events in the film “Behind Closed Doors” take place in the city of Casablanca, Morocco, flagship of modernity and the socio-economic development of the country.
The film begins with the transfer of the former director of the company to one of its subsidiaries.


Another man, whose influential brother-in-law is a minister in Morocco’s government, is selected to fill the position. The film ends with the return of the former director to his old position. It is a complete circle.
The visual narrative is linked to images, fade-outs and changes of sequences, thus emphasizing a spatial-temporal presence.


It is also linked to the psychological problems experienced by the antagonist, the new director.


The protagonist is harassed verbally, physically and morally in the company where she works.


She is forced into another set of problems with her family because of the absence of protective laws for women, who are victims of a practice becoming more and more frequent in societies leaning towards modernity and co-education.
Centered on a story about sexual harassment between a director and one of his female employees, the film will be approached from the point of view of a social film, positive and modern.
This story permits us to feel the psychological impact of sexual harassment on the job that a multitude of women experience, especially in a society beginning to move towards a democratic, liberal model.


It also shows us the danger this phenomenon could foster in the life and behavior of someone.
Here, the abuse of power, in order to obtain sexual favors or for other ends, and the refusal to respect the free will of the other shows the inability to admit and accept our culture’s principles and to admit that women of today are not as those of the past who suffered without reacting.


Today’s woman increasingly assert themselves as fully fledged social actors, in spite of a legal context characterized by the absence of laws protecting them against masculine domination in all its forms. Thus, the law of silence still predominates.

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