Director’s Note concerning the Narrative

Director’s Note concerning the Narrative


Why make a film about sexual harassment?


The writing of this script is the fruit of extensive study and research about harassment, particularly of a sexual nature, that women experience in their place of work.

I have also seen several films, of different styles and from different cultures, on the subject. It was this that pushed me to conclude that harassment is a universal phenomenon.

As well, it is a behavior difficult to observe and define, a characteristic that makes it very complicated to subsequently prove. Quite often, harassment takes place between a man in a position of power in a hierarchy and the woman who is under his orders.

It is quite often a question of the abuse of power, on the part of certain men, who suffer from personality disorders.

Even if there is a fine line between harassment and seduction, one can safely say that this behavior becomes serious when it reaches the stage of menace, violence or vengeance.

As for the law governing harassment, it remains unclear, differing from one country to another, as the majority of countries have no specific legislation concerning the issue.

Morocco is not the exception to the rule. Civic, particularly feminist, associations do not lose any opportunity to call for the necessary legislation. Their actions taken in this sense have already reached the general secretariat of the government.

The film raises this type of question in order that the judicial codes of this country keep in step with the advances attained by the civil society, as well as by Moroccan women.

This legislation will be welcomed in order to reinforce our progress towards modernity and human rights.


Behind Closed Doors. Mohammed Ahed Bensouda, 2013


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