The movie

Director Mohammed Ahed Bensouda

Producer : Mohammed Bensouda

Scenario : Abdelilah Hamdouchi

Director of photography : Youssef Laalioui

Sound Engineer : Najib Chlih

Co-Producer (FRANCE) : Christophe Kay Kourdouly

Co-Producteurs (MAROC) : Tarik Majid and Abdellah Toukouna


summary of the Movie

Samira is an attractive, young Moroccan woman. She is happily married to a banker.

Their lives are turned upside down with the appointment of a new director in the company where Samira works.

The new director begins to harass her.

Samira tries to discourage him by reminding him she is married and a mother.

But he ignores her protests and is intent on getting from her what he wants.

After Samira categorically refuses, the harassment metamorphoses into vengeance.

Her life becomes a living hell.

After several attempts to resolve the problem through administrative steps in the hierarchy of the company, she turns towards a women’s association.

It is their mission to defend the rights of women and to force the authorities to establish legislation against sexual harassment.

This is where she finds herself at a dead end, because it is very difficult to obtain material proof to support her accusations before the law.

The company decides to dismiss her because of the “harm” she has caused her employer.
However, before losing her job, which has cost her years of study and dedicated work, she decides to proceed in another direction and puts into action an ingenious plan to obtain the proof she needs.


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