Short and Feature film Actor

- 2001 Role “Taxi Driver” And now…by Claude Lelouch

- 2000 Role “Miracle man” Paul of…by Roger Young

- 1999 Role “Friend of Jesus” Jesus in the… by Roger Young

- 1998 Role “The prophet” Jeremiah by Harry Winer

- 1997 Role “The villager“ Solomon by Roger Young

- 1996 Role ”Friend of David” David by Robert Markowitz

- 1996 ”The philosopher” Voyage dans le passé by Ahmed Boulane

- 1995 ”The archeologist” O. Des pharaons by Souhail Ben Barka

- 1994 “Soldier of Tetrarch” Mary de Nazareth by Jean Delannoy

- 1993 Role “Gangster” Sakina by Nourdine Dougna

- 1991 Role “The doctor” Souhail Ben Barka

- 1989 “The lover” Un étranger au quartier by Mohamed Attifi

- 1985 “Fes” inter-city race (TV show) for Moroccan TV

From 1990 to 1998, Theater Actor: The Amateur Troup of the National Theatre under the direction of Mohamed Kaghat


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