- The Price of Heedlessness (feature film) directed
- The Eyes of the Heart (short film) directed
- Suffering (short film) directed
- Story of an Imaginary Ghost (short film) written
- R’da (short film) directed
- Snake Hunter (documentary) written
- The Raped Silence (short film) directed
- The Jar (short film) directed
- Expulsed from the Paris/Casablanca Flight (feature film) in writing
- Short Night (cinema program) in progress
- The Christmas Present (feature film) in writing
- Not Far From Tangier (short film) in writing
- The Trilogy Alhob Warihane (serie) written
- In a Lifetime (short film) in writing
- The Return of Joseph (television series in 30 episodes) in writing
- Essalafia Eljihadia in Morocco (documentary) written
- Fellassa “Gold Prospectors in Fes’s Old City River” (documentary) in writing
- Odors of Andalusia (musical comedy) in writing
- Safha (comedy, feature film) in writing
- Paris – Agadir (feature film) written
- The Return (short film) written
- My Own Christmas (feature film) in writing
- Round Trip (feature film) in writing
- Story of a Mchaouchi Wrestler (feature film) written
- Secrets of a Thousand and One Women (feature film) written


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