Palmarès du réalisateur

Mohammed Ahed Bensouda

* 1st Feature Film: “Story of a Mchaouchi Wrestler”

# Prize for Best Director #

At the Rotterdam Film Festival CINEMAR 2010,The Netherlands

# Jury Prize – Young Public #

At the 16th International Alternative Film Festival 2010, Rabat, Morocco

# Special Jury Mention #

At the 6th Muscat International Film Festival 2010, Oman


« Official Selections »

*The 33rd Cairo International Film Festival 2010, Cairo, Egypt. Arab Film Competition

*The 40th International Film Festival of India 2010, Goa, India. Cinema of the World Section

*The 17th Annual African Diaspora Film Festival 2010, New York, USA

*The 6th Muscat International Film Festival 2010, Muscat, Oman

*The 6th CINEMAR Film Festival Of ROTTERDAM 2010, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

*The 7TH International Pan-African Film Festival of Cannes 2010, Cannes, France

*The 6TH International Festival of Muslim Cinema « Golden Minbar » 2010. Kazan, Russia

*The 32nd International Sportfilm Festival, Rassengna Cinematographica Internazionale 2010, Palermo, Italy

*21st edition of the Arabic Film Festival of Fameck 2010, Fameck, France

*European Film Festival of Tunis 2010, Tunis, Tunisia

*The 11th Moroccan National Film Festival 2010, Tangier, Morocco

*International Alternative Film Festival of RABAT 2010, Rabat, Morocco. Arabic Film Competition

*The 7th Edition of Trans-Saharan Film Festival of Zagora 2010, Zagora, Morocco

*International Cinema Film Festival of Dakhla 2010, Dakhla, Morocco


* Short film: R’DA

# Bronze Award at FESPACO #

*Pan-African Festival of Ouagadougou 2007, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso


* Short film: « The Raped Silence »

# Prize for Best First Film #

*At the 7thMoroccan National Film Festival 2003, Oujda, Morocco

# Special Jury Mention #

*At FESPACO, *At Pan-African Festival of Ouagadougou 2003, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso



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